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New Balance 990v3 - Good Running Shoes 03/04/2016

If you want to get a new pair of shoes for running, especially if you are suffering from heel pain, then this is perfect for you. This one is well made and cushions the feet in an amazing way and from the comfortably sized toe-box to the close fitting heel, with a comfy supportive foot bed in between, New Balance finally got it right. It has the dual-density collars that provide both the cushioning and the firm support. The mesh structure and the lightweight design are elements that make this pair of shoes desirable.

Source: plantarfasciitissupport.net

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Cloud Atlas (2012) - What a great movie 06/03/2016

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Just watched this movie again! I'm so deeply in love with this movie. It's my favorite.

When We Were Young 06/03/2016

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When I'm getting older, I will remember when I was young!!! LOL